Invitation to cooperate

Thank you for being a regular WoolSome customer.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to cooperate with us. Currently, there is a place in our store where you can share your achievements!

We decided to create:

1. series of blog articles devoted to tailors who sew from our fabrics


2. photographic presentations on each product card in our store with photos of finished costumes made of this particular fabric (from a given collection + color) with information (link) to a specific tailor who made it.

A series of blog articles devoted to tailors

If you want a blog entry about you as well, prepare a note to help us create it. Below you will find instructions on what should be included in it.

First, write something about yourself:

  • who are you,
  • where are you from,
  • what do you do,
  • with which reenactment group do you interact (or maybe you are acting all alone?).

It is also worth mentioning here what historical period you are recreating.

Then you can show off your designs

First, choose your favorite one (which you like or are proud of). In its description, put:

  • whom it depicts,
  • how is this silhouette dated,
  • what sources did you get the information from,
  • in what technique was the outfit sewn (handcrafted, machine-made?).

This is a place to show off even a few projects – those that make you proud or that are your standard assortment.

Also describe what you specialize in: 

  • what clothes you sew,
  • how they are dated,
  • what geographic region they come from,
  • where you get the sources for their reconstruction,
  • and what materials you use.

Include iconography or sources and high-resolution photos of your projects. You can also specify who made the accessories for the outfit: shoes, purse, sword, etc.

Important: For each item of clothing, indicate which WoolSome materials you have used.

At the end of the text, put a slogan to encourage potential customers to use your services – it could be your permanent slogan or something new – you can also add a photo that you want to put next to it.

To complete the text, attach to it: 3 – 5 reviev from your customers. Also, specify who they come from (preferably both their first name and surname), this way you will authenticate their origin.

Provide us with links to your social profiles – we will be able to redirect interested people to you.

ATTENTION ! If you want your description to be displayed in Polish and English – send both language versions (in particular, you can also send us one language version first, and when we work together to refine its content, we will ask for its translation).

Photo presentations on each product page

In addition to blog entries, we will also place photos of ready-made costumes on our product pages, so we will ask for various high resolution photos of ready-made clothes.

Wooliam the Awesome in XVIII

Describe each of them:

  • the name of the outfit,
  • dating
  • and the material number from WoolSome (we will try to recognize the fabric, if there is a problem with remembering a specific number)

We know that each photo is important to you, and we also want you to safely share it with us, so you can mark it with your logo or signature. It’s just important not to obscure the details.

NOTE! As mentioned above, these photos will also be tagged with information (link) to your profile (article). So:

  • the more photos of various projects you send us, the more of them will be on hundreds of pages of our store = the greater the chance that the viewers will find your works
  • We hope that our cooperation will bring you commensurate benefits, therefore we count on constant cooperation and regular sending of more photos to us at, so that your presentation at WoolSome is as intense as possible.

Don’t delay! The sooner you send us the selected materials, the sooner they will appear on our website. If you have any questions – feel free to write! We will be happy to answer and dispel your doubts!

Cooperation with us is free – you do not incur any costs!