Fabric samples

Have you already discovered that we offer samples in WOOLSOME ?
Below you can find out how to get them...
Order single fabric samples
You have the opportunity to order a sample of any of our fabrics.
Each sample is approx. 4×4 cm in size and allows you to check the quality and the colour of the fabric before placing a main order.
You can ask for any mix of samples, even fabrics coming from different collections.

Please remember that with every purchase the first 5 samples are always free of charge.

To add a sample to your shopping cart please use
the ‘ORDER A SAMPLE’ dark blue button on the product detail page,
that is placed just below the regular ‘ADD TO CART’ button.

This way you will order a sample instead of the main fabric itself.

Only 1 sample from each textile can be added to the cart.

Purchase collections swatches
We also offer full sets of samples for each of our collections in the shop.
Just simply jump to the corresponding section where you can purchase them (or click the button below).

No matter if you buy some of these sets or other goods in our shop, you can still always ask for up to 5 single samples for free.