Joachim Klum

Joachim Klum

Hi! I’m Joachim Klum.  I make clothing like uniforms, pants, waistcoats, gaiters as well as hats like tricorne, bicorne, round hat and leather items like bandeliers, knapsacks, cartridge pouches and much more. My specialisation is the Napoleonic era. In this scope I mainly manufacture France, Prussia, Saxony and also Bavaria uniforms and equipment. Other nations outfits are also possible. I work togetehr with some historians and i am able to participate in their research about details, colours and way of working they did more than 200 years ago. I am also active in the civilian sector of this period and in the 18th century at the time of the American Revolutionary War. I’m not a member of a reenactment group, I represent various things myself. My items are exclusively hand-sewn. For customers I offer everything from exclusively machine seams to exclusively hand seams, depending on their wallet.

Bavarian 4th Regiment uniform

I present you my reconstruction of Bavarian 4th Regiment uniform. This is a uniform of a ordinary soldier of that regiment. This uniform based on the original ones in the Borodino museum in Russia. Picture and measures were taken from these to realize this uniform.This model was in use from around 1804-1814. The regiment was destoyed in 1813 in Russia.

All visible stitches are hand sewed as i do to all my uniforms. For this project I use medium fulled twill wool, in scarlet red, light yellow and dark steel blue colour. In my opinion, these colors are the most true to the originals. In my projects, I try to choose materials just so that each shade reflects the original as best as possible.

I represent tailoring faithful to the originals.