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Waterloo Immersion

Waterloo Immersion - cover photo

I am a historian who is no longer satisfied with reading books. The name of my professional activity is Waterloo Immersion. I collaborate with the various museums of the battlefield of Waterloo to make guided tours and create animations. In 2019, after spending a long time in the world of Napoleonic reenactment, I decided to start making my own uniforms. I wear them during my guided tours or when I participate in re-enactments. Today I’m providingh some re-enactors. I’m part of the group “Oranje Nassau Freiwillige Jägerkompanie”. My creations are based on recent or contemporary paintings as well as information that I could find in my large collection of books on the Napoleonic wars.

Uniform of the riflemen of the 1st regiment of Nassau

I decided to present to you the uniform of the riflemen of the 1st regiment of Nassau in 1815. This regiment fought against the French at Waterloo in the ranks of the army of the Netherlands.

To make the jacket, I used Wool Medium Super Smooth – Pine Green. All visible parts have been sewn by hand. Everything was made in my workshop except for the metal parts: buttons, shako plates, sword, buckles.

Voltigeur de la Jeune Garde uniform

Next project I choosed is the outfits of the French infantrymen often differ from the regulations for clothing. This Young Imperial Guard outfielder uniform does not have a green and yellow epaulette. To achieve it, I based my work on a copy of the army museum in Paris.

Uniform was sew from Wool MEDIUM super smooth in Dark Navy Blue colour. As in the previous project, all visible seams are finished by hand.

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Uniform of 33rd British regiment

To represent all the armies involved in the campaign of 1815, I also make English, French and Prussian outfits. In the British army each regiment has a specific lace and buttons.

It is sometimes difficult to find craftsmen capable of producing this kind of thing. Most of the time it comes from the UK. The 33rd British regiment of foot had a lace with a red line in the middle. This time I used Wool Medium Fulled Twill in Terra Cotta colour.

Revivez la légende de 1815 !