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My name is Jorge Filipe Alves also known as O Alfaiate Histórico. I’m a reenactor, historical tailor and Clothes and Textile researcher from Matosinhos, Portugal. With a considerable amount of experience, sewing my own garments and a lot of knowledge about it, I decided to create my own “brand”. All my studies were focused on the Iberian late 14th century so, I may say, this is my speciality, nonetheless, I do garments from the 12th till 14th century. As a reenactor, I’m the director of “História Viva”, a portuguese 14th century reenactment group from Leça do Balio, a little village in Matosinhos and we do medieval fairs by all the country.

12th/13th Portuguese Nobles

This project is a series of 4 tunics that aims to recreate Portuguese Nobles from 12th and 13th century. This period is related to our famous first king D. Afonso Henriques and when Portugal became a kingdom. This model is based in paintings and extant pieces. For this project, my first work from this series, I used Wool Thin Twill in blue, terracotta and honey yellow colour. As soon as possible, I’ll finish the other one and close this project, still, is a work in progress. 100% handsewn.

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