Are you interested in lightweight wool that will look great? Choose wool with a diamond weave – the weave is visible from a distance, which creates an undeniably amazing effect. Herringbone weave, on the other hand, is much calmer and still very effective. Our wool thin diamond and herringbone is the perfect choice not only for historical reenactment, but also for everyday clothes in a modern cut!

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Wool Fabric Thin Diamond – Various Colours

30,00 m
Width +/- 2cm

150 cm

Grammage Note1: OZ - stands for Ounces per Square Yard. Note2: We are showing grammage as per 1 square meter (GSM). While you may be used to gramms per linear (running) meter from other shops (GLM).

6oz, 210 g/m2, 7oz, 240 g/m2

Colour We have divided the palette into 11 basic colours. So this attribute is telling about the general, closest colour. For example BLUE : will include all different blue, navy and turquoise shades. This helps while filtering the shop searching for the fabric shade you desire.

White, Beige, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Grey, Black



What is the difference between a herringbone weave and a diamond weave?

Diamond weave and herringbone weave may seem very similar, and they are. Herringbone is half a diamond. The herringbone weave is based on a diagonal offset, which then returns. However, in the case of a diamond, after the pattern splits, it returns again, creating a pattern closed on both sides.

Wool thin diamond and herringbone  - hand wowen wool

Wool thin diamond or herringbone is made from 100% pure new wool and is woven in a diamond or herringbone pattern for extra softness and comfort. The fabric is breathable and warm, yet lightweight to wear. It has just enough stretch to keep its shape and can be worn all year round. The texture of this fabric gives it a very soft feel which makes it perfect for wearing against your skin. In addition, it is hand-woven, which gives it an extra character, especially if you want to buy high-quality fabrics for historical reenactment.

Handwoven wool - what does it mean and how it is done?

Handwoven wool is a special type of fabric, which is made by hand. It is a very labor-intensive process, so it's not surprising that it costs more than machine-made fabrics. In order to understand the difference between handwoven wool and machine-made garments, you need to know how this type of fabric is made.Handwoven fabrics are made from single threads that have been twisted together to form a yarn. The yarns are then woven into cloth on a loom or frame. The weaving can be done with many different methods. The different types of weaves affect the appearance of the final product quite drastically.The manual weaving process also means that there may be weaving errors when making them. What are they about? Usually it's a mistake in the thread, which may result in a slight shift in the pattern. From a distance, it is imperceptible, so it is not a problem when sewing clothes, because even when in contact with another person, there is little chance that he will notice such a mistake.