Horizontally striped wools


Apparently quite popular back then and close to impossible to get nowadays are fabrics with horizontal stripes. There could be a variety of background colours with white stripes. I imagine twill would be best suited.

2 thoughts on “Horizontally striped wools

  1. Wooliam says:

    Hi Krystian.
    It would be awesome to see even more pictures, if there are available (original findings and / or paintings).
    I also think that WKT thin twill would work the most.
    Which colour / colours you would buy if we would weave such a collection ?

    Thank you for your comitment

  2. Jack Fitzgerald says:

    Having access to Striped wool would be such an amazing thing, especially when finding good striped wool is like trying to find a needle in a haystack… But the needle is made from brass!

    For one thing, I will definitely make a Guddal tunic if I can get my hands on some striped wool for sure. I’ve always wanted to make one even though it is not my period just because the garment in question is so interesting. I just can’t find the wool for it.

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