Wool Medium Fulled Twill – Light Grey – WTV 04/11

22,00 m

HAND WOVEN fabric from 100% RECYCLED wool in medium weight diagonal weave.

This woolen twill, with slightly fulled and flattened surface is perfect for historical costumes, especially if you want to make some medium weight tunics, dresses, cloaks, coats, hoods etc.
If you are re-enacting XVII-XIX c., you will find this type of wool being an excellent choice for making your uniforms.

Attention! There is very important information in the "warning, please note" tab below, please read it carefully.

Width +/- 2cm

140 cm

Grammage Note1: OZ - stands for Ounces per Square Yard. Note2: We are showing grammage as per 1 square meter (GSM). While you may be used to gramms per linear (running) meter from other shops (GLM).

11oz, 370 g/m2

Thread count TPI - stands for Threads Per square Inch, so it counts warp ends and weft picks altogether. If inch is not familiar for you, we are showing also how many threads (warp/weft) are present per 1 cm

50 TPI, 10/10 threads per cm

Colour We have divided the palette into 11 basic colours. So this attribute is telling about the general, closest colour. For example BLUE : will include all different blue, navy and turquoise shades. This helps while filtering the shop searching for the fabric shade you desire.



Twill 2/2

In stock

Starting from 0.5m you can order any quantity you want!

Are you still hesitating?  Not sure that this will be in the shade and quality you expect? Then ask for a small sample (4x4cm).
You can ask up to 5 different samples for free. Each next one will cost 1 eur.


This fabric was completely hand woven using an old horizontal loom with flying shuttle.

Very occasionally it may contain some small mistakes made by a weaver, like for example : the diamond pattern bounced too early or too late.

But if you do not like such things, please add a note to your order about it, so we will double check the fabric in this aspect.

Virgin wool comes directly from an animal for example sheep or alpaca, while recycled wool is made up from woolen fabric waste and unwanted or discarded garments, nevertheless still  perfectly good material.

Instead of throwing it away we reuse it.

The great thing of recycled wool is not only that is good for the environment, but also still carries all good features of wool :

  • it keeps you warm, without being heavy,
  • it’s soft, durable, naturally breathable, and easy to care for,
  • it’s also renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

We have chosen to use recycled wool because it’s good for the environment and animal welfare. Producing virgin wool is a resource-intensive job.

Think about :

  • the requirement of land for grazing the animals and usage of resources for maintenance of land and animals,
  • the ammount of water that have to be used to clean the wool and the chemicals involved in the process.

By using recycled wool we give wool a second life using a production process at a fraction of the environmental cost than working with virgin wool.

We have a strict environmental control on the material, manufacturing and dyeing.

The finished fabric is also environmentally tested to make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Due to the nature of the production process, the quality may change slightly within the range.

Some fibers may be shorter, than the other.

It is also possible that the fabric sometimes does not consist of 100% wool because we cannot influence exactly what the recycled fibers contain.

WTV wool is also gently fulled in the production process. Due to the properties of recycled wool and the way it is finished, this wool may have a tendency to pill. If you care about wool that will not have such tendencies, choose WSV wool instead. What is important! WD and WH wools have a different finishing process, so such tendencies were not observed with them.

Colour note!

Selling fabrics through the internet it is not an easy task, since our customers cannot see them in reality.
One of the most important factors, that make you decide whether to buy a fabric or not, is to get the right COLOUR that you are looking for, matching your entire costume and its accessories.

This is why at Woolsome shop we do our best to fulfill your expectations.

We've decided to use a professional photo studio and a special colour checker system to achieve an ideal colour representation of all our product pictures.
Our goal was to present them exactly as they appear in reality.

However it has to be noticed, that your computer's monitor (or mobile phone) can have tweaked settings and therefore may sometimes display colours differently than they are in reality.
It also play a role if you look at your screen :

  • in daylight, or in a shaded room
  • frontally or at a certain angle

It is all very tricky, and you should be also aware, that modern electronic devices have usually the biggest problem to present properly shades of the COLOUR RED.

While watching all different pictures, that we've prepared for each of our products, you will also notice that the main picture (being a frontal close-up) will always be a bit darker comparing to the other pictures presenting a an entire textile from a distance. It is natural, as our eyes are also perceiving the colours differently, depending on the strength and direction of the light around you.

Many of our historical fabrics are woven in a way, that the warp and the weft are in two different colours. As a result these textiles will look differently from close-up, where you can still clearly see the difference between these two different threads. When from the further distance, this fabric will present slightly different colour, being a result of a mix of those two.

We hope, that our photographical efforts will bring you full satisfaction, so that you will find in your package what you expected.

However, please always consider asking for samples first, before your purchase.  We also offer full sets of samples of each of our textile collection.

ATTENTION: the fabric pressed in a fuller, loses stiffness after washing, washing before sewing is not recommended for 18th-20th century reenactors (uniforms, coats)

Wash on a wool cycle

Wash on a wool cycle

Do not tumble dry

Do not tumble dry

Line dry

Line dry

Medium heat iron

Medium heat iron

Do not bleach

Do not bleach

Dry clean

Dry clean