Wool Broken Diamond – Lime Green Black – WD 14/03

24,60 m

Hand-woven fabric, made from recycled wool in diamond weave.

This woolen textile is a testament to both sustainability and craftsmanship, ideal for those seeking an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on quality.

The medium weight and diamond weave pattern provide a perfect balance of durability and elegance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Perfect for historical costumes, this fabric is ideal for creating authentic tunics, dresses, cloaks, coats, and hoods.

In addition to historical costumes, this versatile fabric can be used for contemporary fashion and home decor projects, offering a timeless appeal that blends seamlessly with both traditional and modern styles. The use of recycled wool underscores a commitment to sustainability, making this fabric a responsible choice for eco-conscious crafters and designers.

Wool comes from recycling - it may contain up to 5% synthetic admixtures due to the processing technique of recycled wool.

Recycled wool

Natural fibers

Worldwide shipping

Professional service

Recycled wool

Worldwide shipping

Natural fibers

Professional service

Width +/- 2cm

140 cm

Grammage Note1: OZ - stands for Ounces per Square Yard. Note2: We are showing grammage as per 1 square meter (GSM). While you may be used to gramms per linear (running) meter from other shops (GLM).

10oz, 350 g/m2

Thread count TPI - stands for Threads Per square Inch, so it counts warp ends and weft picks altogether. If inch is not familiar for you, we are showing also how many threads (warp/weft) are present per 1 cm

45 TPI, 9/9 threads per cm

Diamond size

3 cm

Colour We have divided the palette into 11 basic colours. So this attribute is telling about the general, closest colour. For example BLUE : will include all different blue, navy and turquoise shades. This helps while filtering the shop searching for the fabric shade you desire.





Broken Diamond

Closest in colour to this fabric, but they may still differ in shade!

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