Silk Yarn 20/2 CLAUDIA 15m

Silk Yarn 20/2 Claudia comes straight from India.
It's incredibly durable, making precise knitting a breeze, and is available in many delightful colors.
You can create truly unique projects with it, adding a touch of subtlety and luxurious shine. For those who love exceptional things and also value comfort – this is the perfect yarn! The threads are certified by Silk Mark India - thanks to it you can be sure that we sell pure silk. Certificates are attached to hank of 500 meters. [html_block id="44356"]

Silk Yarn 20/2 CLAUDIA 500m

Directly imported from India, Silk Yarn 20/2 Claudia is a testament to durability, making intricate knitting a seamless endeavor. Choose from a plethora of delightful colors to infuse vibrancy into your creations.
Craft truly unique projects, accentuating them with a touch of subtlety and a luxurious sheen. Ideal for those who appreciate exceptional quality and prioritize comfort, this yarn is the perfect choice.
Rest easy knowing that the threads are certified by Silk Mark India, ensuring the authenticity of pure silk in every hank we offer. Together with the purchase of a large hank, you will receive such a certificate in your own hands. [html_block id="44356"]